Lorek Pawlak Family Office is the first family office in Poland. The main objective of our firm is to protect assets against a fall in their real value and to safely preserve our Clients’ family wealth.

We are setting the highest standards in responsible strategic and operational wealth management for high-net-worth individuals.

Lorek Pawlak Family Office is a one box office for all your wealth affairs: harmonious asset and investment management, reporting and maintaining records, private banking, tax and legal consulting, real property management and charitable activity (philanthropy). It allows you – aided by our expertise and experience, and, if necessary, by external experts’ advice – to achieve the set goals and save time. Our Family Office is a one box office for all your wealth affairs.

Lorek Pawlak Family Office integrates, coordinates, negotiates, offers creative solutions based on your overall wealth situation, and then controls and reports implementation of your decisions. We take care of everything – from the tiniest detail through the choice of wealth management strategy depending on your possibilities, needs, preferences and even temperament. Our Family Office is a place where you can always seek consultancy for your ideas or plans.

Lorek Pawlak Family Office does not sell investment products or charge a fee for intermediation. We are not equity-linked to any financial institution. This gives you the assurance that the only criterion of advice is your own good, and all choices are always tailored to your individual and unique needs.

Wealth managed by the Family Office includes all forms of domestic and foreign assets: stocks, bonds, investment funds, real properties, bank deposits, shares in the Clients’ own companies, works of art, philanthropic funds etc. The main purpose of the Family Office is comprehensive preservation of family wealth. The Family Office does not offer safekeeping of assets.

You choose the services you need from our comprehensive offer. We can also start cooperation on a smaller scale and gradually extend the scope of service.

Why use the Family Office?

Wealth management proves difficult for many. This should not come as a surprise, since effective asset management is a challenging and responsible task. None of us wants to be overcharged or waste our precious time to search for perfect solutions. With the help of the Family Office, not only do you gain control over your money, but you also save time, as we take most analytical and organisational tasks off your shoulders.

Lorek Pawlak Family Office advices you on these days’ risks of the safekeeping of the real value of wealth or even the loss of capital in subsequent years, as well as on the opportunities. We work for the benefit of future generations.

We provide comprehensive services, which means we can support you with any financial matter you will bring to us. Thus, all your wealth affairs are taken care of in one place. By individual financial consultancy and professional service, we provide you with the sense of security in contacts with your partners.

Lorek Pawlak Family Office – professional financial consultancy.